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Malinda Hartong, Photojournalist
Documentary Photography on Location

A Day in the Life

Snow days. Sledding. Santa. Holiday decorating. Weekend mornings in pjs.

kids make snow angels
Sledding with family
The whole family piles onto each other as they sled down the hill

Malinda Hartong, Photojournalist

Real Photojournalist. Real life. Capturing what’s really important: an “everyday” day!

Why should weddings be the only day we have documented? Life moves at the speed of light! Freeze those moments! They only happen once!

Real News

Malinda Hartong, Photojournalist shooting real news.

I shoot real news. For the past several decades I’ve either been on staff at a major newspaper or freelancing – for everyone from The Times of London and The Guardian to Community Press.

I’ve photographed so much heartbreak – funerals for police and fire friends, fires and tornado scenes, fatal crashes, really bad people in court.

And I’ve photographed amazing and uplifting events – like Special Olympics.

And now I’m turning my lens to documenting what’s even more important – your family – A Day in Your Life.

Documenting real life – yours

There is so much beauty, humor, love and more importantly memories… in the little tiny moments that flit by. It’s really important stuff! 

Not for today, but for a lifetime from now

Don’t do this for you – do it for your family! My dad hated to be in photos – so we have precious few of him. Please don’t let this be you.

Hold a book of images in your hand. Relive a day in your lives. With something beautiful and tangible.

A Day in Your Life: “un-fooled-around-with

I know you’re thinking – “Really? What should we ‘do’?”
1st answer: Do you! What could be more important to capture than life as you know it?

Weekend mornings in your pjs! Snow day! 1st day or last day of school 📚 , decorating for the holidays 🎄 , or making treats 👩‍🍳 , fishing 🎣 , campfires 🏕 , anything you want to be an indelible memory – etched into images that pull your heartstrings and transport you. Unforgettable.

Just call me!

Quick! No more excuses.


Repeat after me: “Hi Malinda, I’d like to tell you about my family…” Yes, it’s just that simple!

Let’s meet for coffee . There’s absolutely no obligation. I can’t wait to hear about your family!

  • Spontaneously fabulous! Malinda is a delight to work with. We recently hired Malinda to shoot video and photos of the winner of our 2011 small business contest. Malinda's candid photos of the scene were topnotch, and she's also very discreet and sensitive in delicate situations. (We were surprising our contest winner, so it was an unpredictable situation that turned out well.) I highly recommend Malinda for photography and video shooting.
  • Malinda has taken numerous still shots for Wyoming Fire-EMS. She consistently captures the most amazing shots that truely describes the fire service and shows the dedication of these men and women. I would recommend hiring Malinda for action shots, organizational banquets/dinners, events/weddings, as well as individual/family portrait photography. Malinda knows how to produce top quality photographs!
  • Malinda has been a reliable and trusted photojournalist of multiple fire and police departments in the Greater Cincinnati area for years. She has a unique ability to capture the raw emotion and feelings of emergency responders. Her professionalism and abilities as an artist convinced me to have her shoot my son's senior portraits as well as my family's.

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“I first hired Malinda to photograph our wedding. I did not want staged pictures. I loved the fact that she was a photojournalist and would document our wedding in a way that would capture the emotions, movement and images like no stills could.

Fast forward 25 years to today. Malinda not only gave me the wedding album of a life time, she has since documented the birth and growth of our daughter, the trials and tribulations of my husband as a fireman (we had no idea this was her passion when we met), and even captured corporate head shots for projects I led. What I will say about every shoot with Malinda is that she works hard to find the emotion under the surface. She over delivers on every promise. She gives so much more than you expect. What I will rave about are her images. A silhouette of me dancing with my father so we never grow older. My child being tossed in the air snapped at just the right moment to see the eruption of laughter on her face. My husband beaming with pride along side the men he serves with every day.

I have books of images that Malinda has taken because it is so hard to choose. In fact if there is a down side it is that – don’t expect the selection process to be easy. To pick means leaving love behind because that is what you see when you look at her work. Her love of what she does, the love you feel that she captures, the joy you will have for years to come because of the gift she give you.”

Documentary Photography: Unposed, Unscripted

Photographs for your family to hold images in their hands, relive a day in their lives. Tangible. Printed. Unforgettable.

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