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Day in The Life Documentary Photos

Are Day in the Life Photos just for Young Families?

Heavens no! Day in the Life is perfect for preteens and teens involved in daily activities, from sports to art to music. Even for families with just fur-kids – especially since they are with us for such a short time! Malinda is a huge dog-lover, horses too!

How long are you documenting our day?

I typically hang out with your family anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. We’ll map out a plan that works for you. Budget varies widely, based on coverage as well as final artwork.

Day In The Life Basic Session is $500 and includes 2 hours documentary plus 40 5×5 artist proof prints in color or black & white – perfect so you don’t have to turn them to see them upright!

We’ve curated a stunning selection of fine art, storybooks, and gifts for you to remember your day, available for purchase at your Premiere.

Archival Matted Prints
5x5 artist proof prints
PhotoJournal Storybook

What should we plan to do?

Honestly, there is magic in your everyday life! Our mannerisms change over time. What’s your typical day look like?

An ‘everyday’ day or something a bit more?

A visit with grandparents? A day on the farm? 1st day or last day of school 📚 , decorating for the holidays 🎄 , making treats 👩‍🍳 , gone fishing 🎣 , campfires 🏕 , …

Whatever you want to be an indelible memory – etched into images that pull your heartstrings and transport you back to that moment, or just an everyday day.  Freeze that. 

For teens and preteens, activities can keep them away from their screens. For younger kiddos, less is definitely more!

How many images do you capture?

As with real news, you just never know what’s coming next, so I shoot through the moment looking for that peak split-second moment when everything comes together and the emotion really comes through.

Will we have to go through ALL of the images?

It’s the photojournalist’s job to hone the images collected. I’ve been doing this for decades. gathering those expressive moments to illustrate your story.

When will we see the photos?

We meet about 2 weeks after your Day in the Life for your Premiere, scheduled at  your photo shoot. We’ll view your slideshow and purchase any artwork, storybook, and gifts you choose. You’ll take your 5×5 artist proofs home with you while we create your artwork.

Will the photos be black and white or color?

Having decades of experience with news, I LOVE black and white – feeling that removing the color distills an image down to more raw emotion, laying bare the ‘moment’. That said, there are some images that have AMAZING color contrast or juxtaposition. Which do you love?

When will we see the images?

We meet for your Premiere Slideshow about 2 weeks after your Day in the Life. 5×5 artist proof prints are included with your Day in the Life. Fine Art Prints, gifts, and/or an archival PhotoJournal storybook are available for purchase – perfect for handing down to your family!

How will we remember our day?

Our curated collection of keepsakes is gorgeous and more importantly archival!

A beautiful archival PhotoJournal storybook to carry with you, and hold dear, sharing each time the family gathers?

Gorgeous Fine Art on your walls to walk by and marvel at in your everyday life?

A stunning Box of Museum-Quality Matted Prints to spread around the dining room table at holidays and flip each day to a new image, freshly reliving all those moments one at a time?

Or a simple box of 5×5 artist proof prints?

Everyone’s different so please do what works for you. We gather at your Premiere to view your images and finalize your selections. Most families invest an average of $1o00 up to $3400 based on the artwork and storybooks they choose.

More on Fine Art

We personally LOVE to fill our walls at home with candid moments! You’re sure to find artwork that suits your style – from contemporary metal to eclectic frameless canvas to more traditional framed and matted prints – there’s something perfect for your aesthetic.

More on Storybooks

Of course, though they’re more of a PhotoJournal – filled with memories! They look amazing! 1 photo per page encourages reliving that particular moment in time. There’s a nice variety of styles: magazine style to hold about 100 images and lay-flat books with wrap-around photo covers, even amazing albums that you might liken to a wedding album with thick pages, even gilding if you like, and fine leather covers.

“Ok, What’s Next?”

Let’s chat on the phone or get together for coffee – I’d love to hear about your family! Absolutely free – There’s no obligation. We can even meet via facetime if you’re outside the greater Cincinnati area. Call/text 513-245-4100 or easily schedule a meeting with this link. We never share your information!

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